How long is a week?


I ask this because even though I clearly and explicitly stated before I even got pregnant that I did not want any visitors for the first of month of my child’s life, my mil has decided to come “help” when the baby is born. My husband tells her the date of my planned CS so she bought her ticket to Italy (where we live because of hubbys job) to arrive the day before surgery. My husband tells me this and I’m PISSED 😡. So I ask for how long and he says a week. Ok, I only have to deal with her for a week- I’ll suck it up. So I call her to get finalized dates etc so I can properly plan freezer meals and she tells me she’s going to be here for twelve #%*!@ days. When I confront my husband he tells me that she told him a week. So I’m asking you all how long is a week? I’d really like to know because my week and her week don’t seem to be matching up time wise.

She’s not a bad person but I just don’t want anyone here. I’m having MAJOR surgery and she just doesn’t care. She’s stressing me out more than she could ever help. And of course my husband thinks we need the help- no we don’t because I’ve had three previous CS (from my first marriage) and didn’t have a drop of help from day one.

Sorry for ranting- anyways, how long is a week?

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