Opinions please!

Rainee • Wife & mama with #2 on the way💕

So I'm 33wks with my first, my mother in law, mother and sister are all planning on flying out to be here for about a month to help once baby is here. I have no problems with that, except my mother in law wants to bring her yappy little dog..she lives in Cali and we're in Texas. I have two big dogs already and my concern is that it will be too much. We're already going to be adjusting to a new home life with a newborn, the dogs will also be adjusting. I just really don't think her bringing her dog would be smart, she's not familiar with our house, the sounds or smells. Not to mention she still goes potty in the house...at HER OWN home! I don't need a yappy dog setting my two bigger ones off all the time and waking up my newborn. My husband isn't backing me up on this and I don't think I'm being too unreasonable. He says that I'll have to talk to her about it and that he isn't getting involved 😑 He seems to think that she will throw a fit and decide to not come out (which I wouldn't be too devastated). She is use to getting her way with her sons, anyways sorry for the long post. I'm just in need of input, please help!

Opinions/advice/input are welcome, what do y'all think? Am I being unreasonable? Should I just suck it up and let her brig the dog? Thank you in advance!😊