Baby foods and Pediatricians?


At my baby's 4 month appointment her doctor said to start baby foods... well I thought that was too early and that I wasnt supposed to till she was 6 months old, but I've been doing it anyway because I'm not a doctor and that's what he said to do. but she really just pushes it out and doesnt eat it at all. she doesnt open her mouth for the spoon much either and just seems like she has no clue on what's going on. Should I continue to try feeding her baby food or just wait till I feel that she is ready? Also, should I see a diffrent pediatrician? Their office is really nice, very fun and kid friendly.. easy to make appointments. but his, methods I guess you would call it, seem pretty out dated at least I thought? for example, rice bottles or the baby food before 6 months... I drive an hour out for her to see this doctor, which isn't an issue, id be willing to go further... should I just stick with this one or no?