Too soon to discuss and set a birth plan?


I'll be 27 weeks at my next appointment. This is my second baby, and I already don't want to deliver at the hospital that I am. But I'm stuck because I'm too far along to find another doctor and I really don't want to because I love my doctor I just don't love the hospital she works for. My first baby the labor was awful, the nurses were awful and the on call doctor was awful. Nobody told me what was happening, they did everything wrong from start to finish I was a brand new mom and was left to figure it out on my own after the most horrific labor and birth experience, I didn't know how to take care of myself after wards at all, and for months had nightmares about the experience and will have flashbacks too it anytime I think about having my son in the same hospital... So.I want to set a plan now so the hospital know and my doctor knows. I have full trust in her but I do not have trust in her hospital.