Sexual assault from a close friend 😥


Last night was our annual Christmas party that my boyfriend and I go to every year. It’s a house party that his boss and her husband host. We were surrounded by friends, lots of delicious food, liquor and fun Christmas games. The vibe was great, I had an amazing time with my boyfriend and many friends. I wore a cute dress, fishnet stockings, boots and a fun Christmas sweater. I was looking good and feeling great. I ended up drinking a lot, got pretty tipsy which was fine. My boyfriend’s boss is a new friend and I really like her. Her husband is cool too, fun people to be around. So her husband (I’ll call him Bob) started getting flirty, it was fine! No big deal I’m not a prude. He started rubbing my leg under the table, then he would grab my tits when walking by, he told me I was making him horny, and made numerous sexual jokes. I didn’t feel uncomfortable or unsafe, I felt it was innocent and no biggie. Well, the next day I had to go into work for a few hours and boy was I hungover but when I got home Bob was in my house, actually laying on my side of MY BED and my boyfriend laying on the other side messing around on his phone. I wasn’t alarmed... we are good friends and live 5 minutes apart so this was normal.

Bob then Says to me, okay.. get in the shower and then let me eat that pussy... haha! Wtf are you talking about? Bob said, I’m here to fuck you. I want to lick your pussy and fuck you.. I am super horny.

I am just shocked because I know he is serious at this point. I look to my boyfriend for some kind of clarification but he doesn’t seem to help with that. Bob moves in close to me and starts to rub his hands all over my body, grabbing my tits and trying to rub my pussy... I push him away. Again, I am confused and a bit freaked out. He said his wife is at home sleeping and she doesn’t have to know. I immediately said, NO! She is my friend and I would never betray her.

He begs, he tries so hard to convince all while in MY bedroom. My boyfriend then looks over causally and says, I told you Bob she probably wasn’t going to go for it. I was like what! You knew these were his intentions and you didn’t even try to stand up for me!!! WTF! My boyfriend then says, oh you can do whatever you want you’re a grown ass women, I told Bob he could try.

I am horrified and hurt! My BOYFRIEND who is supposed to protect me and have my back just let his bosses husband sexually assault me in my own home.

Bob said, he thought I wanted to fuck him last night and I was giving him all the signs. I was looking good in my short dress and fishnet stocking so that was his excuse. I did not ask for any of this.

I feel like shit right now, I’m so hurt and confused.

Did I ask for this? Should I have not gotten so drunk? Maybe I dressed too sexy?

I am just having a hard time coping with this.