Should my boyfriend be allowed to hear the heartbeat for the first time with me??

Long story short me and my boyfriend are quite young for a pregnancy...

I'm 18 and he's 16 about to be 17 so we're not completely 2 years apart so please don't start on the age difference 🙄 we've been together almost 2 years now.

Anyways I just recently came out to my family that I am pregnant and my father isn't necessarily the happiest with my boyfriend and he doesn't want him to go with me today to hear the heartbeat but I think he should because even though my dad may be mad at him right now it is still his baby and he deserves a part of its life🤷🏼‍♀️

We can't just put the sperm back inside my boyfriend so he just needs time to adjust to his little girl growing up.

What would you guys do?!?

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