Stomach bug - pedialyte to formula HELP!


Please help me! My LO turned 11 months yesterday (Sunday). On Wednesday while she was out of town with me for work she caught a nasty tummy bug. After she vomited multiple times in a short amount of time I called her Pediatrian back home and got the doctor on call for after hours. He was super rude. She ended up vomiting 15 time and we immediately took her to a children’s urgent care clinic and they took us right back. They said stomach bug & right ear infection. Thursday we made the 2.5 hour drive home and spent all day with no vomit. Friday she went to the sitter and vomited so I picked her up. She also started refusing all liquids, whereas she was drinking pedialtye well and we had just reintroduced formula. She had no energy at home and just wanted to cuddle and sleep. Saturday we almost hit 24 hours no liquid so we went back to the doctor. They said try a teaspoon of Gatorade every 10 minutes. They also said don’t give her the antibiotic for the ear infection bc it looked like it would heal on its own and she was refusing all liquids. Saturday she slept all day. Me too bc I caught it. Yesterday (Sunday) she wasn’t herself but appeared better.... until she vomited twice! Once before bed and once about 45 minutes ago in the process of moving her from my bed to hers. Could it be because we started back formula again yesterday or something else? She’s also pulling at her right ear. At this point I’m at a lost, I feel like I’m getting no where with medical staff, I’m in tears and I’m tired of seeing my baby in pain. Please help. Is there a way I’m supposed to reintroduce the formula??