Men πŸ™„

Sorry rant: I'm mostly SAHM. For right now it works cuz we don't make a whole lot of money. We couldn't afford a sitter and no family helps. We always have the bills paid. Anywayy sometimes I feel SO only thinks his place in the relationship is the "worker." He started up his own business, with my push. He basically makes up his own schedule. When he has plans or hockey he makes time for that but I told him days ago I needed help on Monday. Today is the last day I can get my lupron shot for my endometriosis. I had to wait till 9am to call my doctors and get in. Well SO had a holy fit that I was asking him to stay till I called the doctor cuz the baby is still sleeping! (It was 8:40 when he left mind you) My sons been teething horrible and has a sore throat. He's super clingy with me and cranky/cries almost all day. There would be no way I could take him to get my shots. I'm already sad/upset/scared to get these shots and SO just has to be a jerk! Ugh rant over.😭