My birth story!🤩🤬😱🤗


SORRY ITS LONG 🤗🤗🤗but it’s good

Birth story part:

So it was thanksgiving day.... I woke up and was feeling great at 39 weeks and 2 days and 3 cm and 100% thinned out. So I went to go make some cranberry sauce and help with dinner. Then around 2pm I felt a cramp. It wasn’t that bad so I Just’s ignored it and I was wear like 5 inch heals on my way to the city to go to our friends house for a dinner party. I had more contractions and I ignored it but I started to time them and they were 5 minuets apart so i told my dad and he told my stepmom. This is where i got mad. She wanted to have dinner.... she made me go through 10 more contractions until we went to the hospital. So I wait ten more and go upstairs and say I’m still having contractions..... thennnnn.........…

All of a sudden this Chihuahua starts barking and runs up behind me and bites my leg!!!!! Like WTFFFFFF

Then we go to the hospital and I get checked in and all and my contractions were still not too bad just breathing hard and trying to relax. I get to my delivery room and they check me and I was 6 cm lol I doubled in 3 hours sooooo as I’m getting settled in the room and all they always have to ask questions and they wanted to know how old the dad was because I was 16 so I said 19 which he was... but my mistake... they wanted to file a police report when we had already dealt with it and my dad goes off on the nurse 🙄 but she didn’t understand and was just not doing us any good... but then we got a new nurse. Then I got my epidural and did great with that. I was scared to get it but I’m good with shots so I was still and fine. Then when it kicked in I was like all loopy and funny 😂😂😂 and everyone was telling me to sleep but I couldn’t so I was up. Then my mom got there and I was sooooo happy. Then I was 7 cm and hour later from when I got to the hospital at 6 so now it was 7. And they broke my water completely because it was already a little broke. Then 3 hours later I was 10 cm ready to push and so excited 😆. So I pushed and it didn’t hurt at all I didn’t know if I was doing anything lol. I pushed 3 times and baby Skylar Nicole came!!! Got skin to skin time and all I said when she popped out was she’s so cute!!! While everyone else was crying I was jut happy and like she’s so cute and didn’t want to leave her side. She was 6 pounds and 10 ounces and 20 inches!!!

Postpartum time in hospital:

The rest of the time my family was so supportive and happy and kept telling me to sleep like forcing it on me but I can’t sleep in hospitals so I was awake for over 30 hours!!!! Then my family argued because my parents are divorced and it was bad. They told me to take a walk around with the baby.... like what!?! Let me relax.... my mom kicked everyone else out because she wanted a whole night just to herself because she barley gets to see me because I have to live with my dad. I felt bad l and was really emotional but I got through it and I try my best to not think about our family issues. 🤗