So emotional 😭

Katie • Momma of one amazing little rainbow girl.

I’m currently 5w5d with our 🌈 and have been a hot mess. Our road to conceiving this lovely rainbow was not easy. While medically there was no problems, emotionally I have had a really hard time.

In a nutshell we experienced the following during the last 5 months:

- friends actively avoided us after the MC because they are pregnant and due days after I was. Wouldn’t see us, barely returned texts.

- my BIL knocked up his GF “by accident” and they both were very insensitive (never offered condolences, bombarded me with their US images, complained to my in-laws I wasn’t “excited enough” etc..)

- my FIL said I needed to “get over my miscarriage, that I wasn’t the only woman to lose a baby and I won’t be the last”

Those are the big three. While I have had counselling to help me through them with great success, they all come falling back down on me the past week or so. I assume this is part of the pregnancy hormones?

I keep thinking of scenarios that probably never going to happen and getting really upset about them. Like that my baby isn’t going to be celebrated as much as my BILs is, or that if we have a girl she won’t be as special.

The worst part is that I know all of these “stories” my mind is making up are completely ridiculous and even if they were to happen we are going to love our baby so much it wont matter.

I just can’t get out of my head. Crying hot tears.

Someone please tell me I’m normal?