Ladies don’t give up. Here’s my story.

Tyra • My 2 rainbow babies Emari 04/08/17 & my son Drew 08/21/18 & my baby boy Emon 10/15/19👶🏽👶🏽💙💖

After confirming my so & I were pregnant on October 19th. I was sooo happy because we had been trying after our 1st child turned 6 months and we got exactly what we wanted but ended up turning into a chemical miscarriage a few days after confirming it. On October 22nd is whenever we lost our little angel baby. My OBGYN said try again in December and give my body a chance to heal and prevent that November to get pregnant but my so and I insisted that we just take it easy but we were not gonna prevent me from getting pregnant. So, November came and nothing.. AF showed her face. I didn’t give up! I told myself no stressing, drink more water, and eat more also prenatal vitamins. I insisted to eat more because I’m a very tiny petite girl and I’m 19 weighing 98. After I had my daughter my weight went down... but anyways December came and I prayed and prayed to god that we’d get our rainbow baby. We did a lot of baby dancing. Took prenatals and drank plenty of fluids. I didn’t have very much symptoms. I broke up more than usual, I had nausea but never threw up, and was sooo hungry. AF was due 12/16... let’s be honest I literally tested everyday up until the 16th.

I swear I swore a faint line but it was white and didn’t show color and asked some ladies on here what they though they didn’t see anything so I was like oh well I’m going to test the day of my period. The 16th came AF didn’t show her face she usually comes at the end of the day and NOTHING. So I had a cheap dollar tree and tested and a digital I tested with both.... NEGATIVE... NOT PREGNANT.

So at that point I had gave up like oh she’s gonna show up probably tomorrow so I’m sitting here waiting...

Nothing... so I told my husband to take me down to the dollar tree and I was gonna get 1 test and of course he was like..

But I did anyways. Came home and tested and there it was a vvvfl. I was scared and panicking because..

Is this real. Yup! There was a line! But I was so scared that it end in another miscarriage. So I kept testing. It didn’t look like it was changing so I made an appointment with a “CAPS PREGNANCY CLINIC” went in and two nurses let me pee in a cup and took one pregnancy strip and we waited but NOTHING.. so she told the other nurse to try one more and NOTHING... talked some more and they began to show up. But.. VVF. So they gave me a pregnancy verification paper and sent me on about my day. According to my last period I was only 4 weeks and 4 days. Last AF was 11/18-11/24.So the ladies said go home and if u start your period you’ll just have to try again. So days went on and well I sure did test and BAM!! My lines got darker.

I will go back to the clinic and get an ultrasound in two more weeks and hope everything is alright with my little peanut. So ladies don’t give up!! Because it will happen!! Baby dust to every single one of you ladies!