Blue dye test....3 different test?? Could this be the blue fluke or actual vvvbfp??

Sherina • 🚔 State Trooper Wifey 🚔

So I’m only 7 dpo and at due in 7 days. I have a 26-28 day cycle and today has started the “offness”. We had our Christmas dinner today around noon and within an hour I got intense cramps and ran to the bathroom, 4+ times after that. Have had cramps all day since then, small bouts of nausea and just feeling crappy. Lower stomach feels like EVERYTHING I have on is too tight. So I took a rest, then another and tried a third a few hours later. All within time frame 2-10 minutes (all cvs one step) but ALL 3 have faint lines. The most recent (30) minutes ago shows a VERY stronger “darker” line. What do you all think?? I plan to try a pink dye frer in a few days but.....I’m lost 🤔

Edit-my husband and I have been ttc for 4 months now, after our mc in August :(