my brother broke my teeth

so today is Christmas and my mom has work her self sick (she has fibromaiga/I think I spelt it right lol) and so she wanted everything to be perfect cause my brother never comes around and my mom is a single parent so she is always trying to give us the love 2 parents would give. and we had open gifts and my brother (who is very lazy and entitled) goes back to sleep on the big couch sprawled out so no one can sit and no one wants to wake him cause he is "the baby" which is stupid cause he is the oldest and will be 18 in less that a month so we deal with it and he starts snoring (I'm sorry I know people can't help it but it annoys me so much) so we all try and wake him up cause he is snoring so loud all our dogs start barking so I go over and playfully pull his (MY) blanket off him and just walk away thinking haha how funny...little did I know he wakes up and starts looking for me well I went to the bathro cause I had to pee and he starts banging doors open looking for me and he gets to the bathroom luckly I have my pants up by than but tell him not to come in! he says "oh no I will get in you woke me i have all the time in the world!" he has a key to my grandmothers bathroom (WHO HE DOES NOT EVEN LIVE WITH!!) AND COMES IN ON ME!!!! and he is roughly 6'5 and weighs like 350 (he's huge) and I'm like 5'4 and 150 so he slams me up on the wall on pushes into me with his shoulder so I can't move and he was crushing my ribs with all his weight alone! so I start trying to yell for help and my mom comes in there and tells him to get off so he does and grabs a hair brush off the counter and tells her I hit him (I did not I had it in my hand when he came in but never swung at him) and she knows it's a lie cause she knows me really well and knows I won't hit family so I say not I did not! and grab his arm to pull him around to me to face me so I could tell him off and he turns and swings at me so hard I heard my teeth clack (and I have saw teeth so it hurt like a mother fucker) and I for some reason when he hit me all I saw was a clear green color come over everything and I blacked out but came right back to and when I did he was gone and my 12 year old sister was sitting I'm front of my crying (she has been on the receiving end of these punches too) and my mom is in the door way and instantly my whole jaw started hurting so bad my ears rang and I felt a dust in my mouth almost like very fine gravel so I run my finger inside my mouth to see why and a peice of my front tooth is gone and it's very sharp now I start crying cause the pain is so bad I get up feeling pain and guilt for starting something and ruining Christmas so I run to My room and it turns out my brother denies punching me and he left too. now I have to have my teeth grated and my gums fixed where when he hit me it shifted my teeth. he has gotten no punishment and never will