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I need some advice. I wanna breast feed my daughter as long as we both can. She’s 15mo and not showing any signs of weaning. This is great and all but she’s not eating much food at all, and won’t drink cows milk at all. I have tried everything. She still BFs at least 6x a day. I know breast milk is what best for her... but she needs to start eating more solids. The boob is the only thing that comforts her. We co-sleep, and the only thing that’s gets her back to sleep is a boob in her mouth. . She wakes up at leas 5/6 times a night. I’m stressed because I feel like the only way either of us can get good sleep is to sleep train and get her off the boob 😭 I just don’t know what to do. She’s so stubborn as well, last time we tried sleep training she would stand up in her crib and scream.. for hours-4 and a half hours to be exact and then sleep 6/7 min and scream again which lasted a few days. With no sleep for anyone I gave up and we both went back to co sleeping. Her doctor said to start slow and put a mattress on the floor in her room and baby proof everything and just try sleep training again... ugh I’m just so scared of doing this again my baby literally screams forever.. any suggestions.. tips... would be so appreciated. I know she has to soothe herself I’m just getting different advice... keep her on the boob... take her off.. let her cry it out.. nothing is working.