Getting over an ex part 1

The message I am going to write is incredibly long do I am going to post it in two parts.

Hi I just thought I would get some advice from some strangers that don’t know me personally, I thought this would help me in this situation that I am currently facing.

Basically I have recently broke up with my boyfriend who I had been with for two years; I am still madly in love with him and I’m not sure how to get over him I think I am depressed but I’m not really sure for certain, the reason we broke up is because he is having a child with someone else. He had sex with a girl whilst we was on a break and all of a sudden she turned round to say that she was pregnant but wasn’t sure if the child was for him or her ex. I thought I could get over the fact that there was a possibility of him being a father so we got back together and started to plan our lives together again. Everything was good for a few months until we started having pretty arguments just as normal couples do but I saw a pattern in these arguments every time we would not speak for a few hours due to these small arguments after we made up he always had something to tell me about this girl that was apparently pregnant for him, whether it being she had been stressing him out by threatening to speak to his family about his lack of involvement in the raising of the child that could or could not be his to his or his father randomly calling him and asking him about the girls well-being and accusing him of being an irresponsible potential father, there was a lot of things he mysteriously have to tell me after we had just made up from an argument I let them slide because I genuinely believed what he was saying. Until last week we had an argument and after making up he tells me that his family and the girls family are meeting up to discuss what is going to happen with this child he also told me that the other potential baby daddy would be present but the girl who is pregnant will not be there. I immediately started to panic because I just struggled to understand how all of this could have been planned when he had been telling me that he had no contact with the girl et cetera et cetera.