CHRISTMAS pregnant announcement.. then bfn?


Christmas morning I woke up and decided what the hell take a test, SHOCKED K GOT A FAINT LINE BUT 100% POSITIVE.. well that was my only test left so long story short went to Walgreens got more and yesterday this afternoon.. and BFN!! going to test in the morning but Im sooo nervous I don't want another BFN.. I announced to my husband and I'll be sooo disappointed been ttc for #1 5 months, just got married in July this year.

little back story.. haven't had AF since July 30th... taking prenatal vitamins only and two weeks ago had wet spot in bra, squeezed my books and both had clear and white liquid come out.. still does every time I squeeze them..

anyways can someone explain why or how I would get a false positive? and why I'm "lactating"?