Punk Ass Tom.

I met Tom in the final months of 2015 after he came to a movie night I hosted with my friends at my apt. We had sex about 2 weeks later and had been having sex basically whenever he hit me up. I told him that I didn't want to be a booty call anymore, and I wanted to have a boyfriend. Be said alright and I thought we both agreed to leave it there and never speak of it. So as weeks go by, I began talking to this guy I work with. It started as casual flirting at work and then we added each other on social media. Then we exchanged numbers and decided hang out outside of work. We went on a date and I brought him back to my apt only to find out he was a virgin. The next few days we hung out and talked an we continued seeing each other when time permitted. Low and behold Tom pops up in my dms telling me to call him. At this point me and my coworker are talking bout a potential future together (I asked him to be my boyfriend, he said not right now, but we'll work towards it). I'm not gonna lie I was a little frustrated with my coworker because I wasn't getting my o and I was backed up. So long story short I let Tom fuck me the day after I let my coworker meet my family. I just had to have it one more time, and that one more time was the biggest mistake of 2017 for me. Tom only lasted 2 minutes if that, came on my floor, and recorded me without my consent. Lucky he left his phone on the bed and I was able to delete it after I confronted him about. He told me I was acting wild and asked why I had his phone. I told him cause I saw my ass on it, he had the nerve to tell me that he was the only one that was gonna see it but he had already lost my trust by recording it.. I want to blame Tom for all this but none of it would've happened if I didn't give him that opening. 😔

Honestly when Tom came over that next day I had no intention of having sex with him, but he got to talking and I fell for it. This whole thing is my fault and I acknowledge that now. Tom has been blocked out of my life now and the only guy I'm talking to is my coworker. I really wanna try to make it work.