Don’t even know what to do!!! 😩

Don’t know how to really go about this but me and my SO got together at the end of April of this year and when we would hang out we just could not keep our hands off of each other! I mean at least he couldn’t, I told him that I didn’t want to rush anything at that time and didn’t want to give up the ‘cookie’ just yet considering I just got out of a 5 year relationship not too long ago. He was totally fine with it but I did back off a little bit in the beginning because we would constantly make out and be on top of each other the whole time we would hang out and I knew it would lead to sex. Thank god that we ran into each other at the mall because it just made me realize that I couldn’t see my life without him and that he is what I need/want in a man! (I know it was only in a short period of time but I knew and reasoning for me saying this is because we hung out for like a week and half then I backed off to where I seriously texted him one time in 7 days and it was to say Happy Birthday and he could have just moved on but instead he decided to give me a second chance to not blow him off like I did and I did tell him the reasoning for me backing off in the beginning) so another 2 weeks go by and I decided that it was time to give him the ‘cookie’ I mean he definitely deserved it because he never pressured me, gave me a second chance and was just so damn sweet and a gentleman! And when I say ‘he was the best sex ever!’ I actually mean it!! People might say we moved too fast but I really don’t care what people think and plus we knew each other for 2 years prior to getting together and knew each other pretty well but I moved in with him until we got our first apartment together (which was 1 or 2 week later) and we had a very great sex life!! I’m talking having sex several times a day and if we wasn’t having sex, we were cuddling and watching movies and having conversations. Once we moved in together, it seriously took all of our money and trying to get everything together and him switching jobs and me picking up extra shifts, we would only have sex once a day (still satisfied) so fast forward to end of June (btw, we moved in to our apartment June 1st) he proposed to me! And of course I said yes!!! Then beginning of July, I found out I was pregnant! The stress had become real because we had spent our savings on this apartment and plus he kept buying me really expensive gifts (I kept telling him to stop because I don’t need them) and him just starting a new job and not even knowing if it was long term or if he even liked it, well then 3 weeks later I get laid off my job so now we’re stressing even more and then our sex life turned into having sex like 3 times a week (still satisfied and understandable because we are getting everything thrown at us right now and plus I’m miserable in my first trimester that I didn’t even care to have sex but still got to please my man when he wants it!) But since October, we seriously only been having sex once a week! Like tf!? He stopped complimenting me, stopped cuddling, we don’t even kiss each other everyday, haven’t made out with each other since abut a month ago. It’s like he has sex with me because he obligated to since we’re in a relationship and he isn’t about cheating at all so I know he isn’t. Honest to god, I’m in the living room all day and he is in the bedroom and he goes to bed early since he is early shift and I stay up late so when I go to bed, he already sleeping. We don’t even have conversations, every time I try to have one, he always gets annoyed and says ‘I’m trying to watch this movie, hurry up and finish talking’ or he will be texting on his phone and he can’t multitask so he will say ‘I’m trying to send this message, talk to me when I’m done’ and I just don’t because it’s like at the moment he is putting his friends before his fiancé!! Like I don’t know what happened? We are seriously roommates that happen to share a bed. I’m starting to get depressed and crying myself to sleep because we went from couldn’t keep our hands to ourselves to where we don’t even look at each other in the eyes! I don’t know what happened but I would love to know and I do tell him that I would like to make out more and have sex more but he just ignores me and tells me that I complain too much.