Anyone else struggling with the food intake and smells over the last couple of days. 🤢


I’m 6w5d and so far I’ve had waves of sickness.

However yesterday during Christmas dinner I was literally pushing things round my plate and trying not to run to the toilet. 🤢

I managed it though, I wasn’t sick and once I’d eaten I was okay again.

However, this morning - Boxing Day, I’ve been woken by my Dad telling me a fry up is waiting for me on the table. 🤢🤢🤢

I had to take 5 in the bathroom to tell myself halfway through that I can do this. 😅

I’ve now come back to bed, it’s nearly 10am so this is unusual for me but I’m just going to say I’m making the most of my lie in before my kids get back from their Dads. 🙄