Need suggestions


Hi friends ,

I was working as test lead for past 6 years.I left job and married at the month of Jan due to family situation. I don't have hope now in my family life because of my husband . I came to USA from India in the month of aug after marriage and this is my first visit to USA. I came to know that my husband had a relationship with a girl coworker for about 7 years before marriage through one of my husband colleagues wife.she told me that my husband was dating with her for long time till before our marriage.she also added that he was aways roaming with her all around on evening and weekends in all places like malls,shopping areas,theaters,parks and in cars . I have visited one of his friends house in oct month there also I came to know that he has taken her once to their home as well alone and stayed.I can't believe I enquired some nearby staying colleagues wife and she told very bad information about the girl with whom my husband dating.I have started a fight but he scolded badly on enquiring about her. Is that my fault about ensuring this issue.He scolded me and I was treated so badly from that day on till now I can't able to tolerate and I can't tell everything about this to my parents as its an arranged marriage which I was married him due to my father health situation and family relations problem.My husband treating me badly and the lady whom I enquired was turned out against me like I have created issue. I am unable to leave India he is forcing me in everything in my daily life. He is not booking me for my flight tickets as well. Please suggest. I can't stay here anymore after knowing all these things and hearing all scolding bad words against me.