Am I thinking about this the wrong way?

Ok so this is IN NO WAY meant to sound ungrateful and it will probably come across that way but I'm not unhappy at all. I'm just intellectually protesting to the idea of it. So we are at my in laws for Christmas this year and they went crazy on gifts for my daughter. It was so lovely to see, such good gifts. They also went crazy on gifts for my husnand. Now my family is really strict about gifts. We all get the same number of them. That way when we open them and everyone takes a turn we have no one who eventually gets left out. Yesterday my daughter and SO had a TON and me individually (not a group gift to the three of us) had 4. Of the 4, 2 were kitchen accessories to go with our kitchen plates so really they were for My husband and I. Then of the last 2 when I pulled out a purse my MIL said "now you can throw that away because it's just a gift bag I got for buying a ton of stuff at shoppers -- it's a tote bag that says shoppers on it" So of course I was like "no it's lovely, perfect for teaching". Then my last gift was a mascara set -- which is cool. No I DON'T care how many gifts I get and I am NOT unhappy. I wanted one main thing for Christmas - a day at the spa before the baby comes which my SO got me because I asked him - woohoo pampering! Watching My daughter with all her gifts makes me so happy. I just object to the fact that the thought that went into my gifts was so little. In not that hard to please or shop for. Get me a book, some pretty soaps, a nice scarf, whatever a long that line and I am very pleased. But don't get me a gift bag that they gave you for free and give it to me as a gift telling me I can throw it away. It's upsetting and insulting. Especially since I think I'm really good to them. I go above and beyond for my in laws. It shouldn't be hard to think of me as an individual and get me something nice that's just for me on Christmas. Does that sound awful to you? I think it's awful but I can't help it.