Does this sound like my water is breaking in a slow leak?


I'm now 40+4, and I've noticed when I use the bathroom whenever I'm finished peeing I feel a small gush of fluid come out. But I had my first cervical sweep last week and CM has been coming out slowly since (had my bloody show, now its just white CM and in smaller amounts usually, sometimes its globs of it). However, the past 3 (approx.) times I've checked to see if it was CM since I've usually been able to tell right after I feel it come out, and its just been clear liquid. One time I noticed a bitter smell, but the other times there hasnt been any. The reason I'm doubting if its my water breaking or not is becsuse it ONLY happens when I'm in the bathroom. It hasn't gone onto my underwear at all and from what I've heard, its a consistent flow thats just slower. I dont wanna wait too long because my GBS swqb was positive. So if it is my water leaking, I wanna be on top of that. What does it sound like to you?

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