Had a few drinks before I knew.. :(

Hi, I just needed to post and ask about something that’s been killing me and I can’t get off my mind. My husband and I had to of conceived on or +/- 2 days of November 22nd. I had a couple glasses of champagne on Thanksgiving. Then on December 1st (about a week 1/2 after conceiving) I had about 6 drinks at a holiday party, and then 2 glasses of wine the next 2 days after that. I took a positive test on Dec 7th and haven’t/nor will I ever again touch alcohol since 12/3. I know that it was still very early but it’s been killing me and I can’t think about anything else except that I might have done damage. This is going to be our first child but I can’t calm down and relax over this. I just feel awful. Just wanted to see if anyone had a similar situation/opinions?