So I am12 days late, 4 neg pregnancy tests all neg. I'm a 39 yo chick and I have been in contact w my ob office. been uncommonly nauseous, hot flashes, sore boobs etc. I USUALLY am like clock work. I take antidepressants as life has been a REAL shit show for me. I feel like I COULD be pregnant and because my Dr is VERY against ssri's while pregnant I stopped taking just in case! I called my Dr again this morning (as they told me to) to get me in. they say I have to wait til Thursday now and it could be early menopause. I'm balling!! I need some support! help! something! lost scared and confused!


Now 2 weeks late, went to the Dr for a urine test (waste of my time). It looked like the dollar tree ones! (so glad there wasn't a copay) Annnd big surprise its NEG! So I had blood drawn. I get THOSE results tomorrow at 11. I asked what happens if that's neg. I was told then my Dr. will want to see me to give me meds "to bring my period down".

She shouldn't just give me meds right?! They should at least do an ultrasound to check right?! there are too many cases where women are 3+ mo pregnant and never got a positive hcg test! if they don't want to give one I feel like I should FIGHT for one! right?!

i have never been pregnant before. I think (based on symptoms only) like I. could be or may be!

***UPDATE #2***

Just got the news that it's a neg blood test. So Why.... WHY? Am I so late (never happens), nauseous, non stop thirsty, can't stop peeing, dizzy, hot flashes, EMOTIONAL AS FUCK!

BALLING right now!

***UPDATE 3***

Woke up, went pee and discovered BRIGHT red/pink blood on the t.p. Have appt tues but don't know what to think