Told my mom today... 😔

So I told my mom today that my husband and I are expecting baby #2. I figured I’d get a congrats! But nope... instead I got a “you can barely afford your bills now!” “What are you going to do” “you can barely handle one” “you’re just going to start ignoring your first now” “this isn’t fair to me, I already have enough grandchildren .” Like seriously? We own our house, have never made a late payment on any of our bills, our 8 month old is beyond spoiled,toys out the wazoo, we might not have a lot of extra stuff or splurge on unnecessary items often but we’re making it. She just said the other day she thinks my niece, who is literally just get her kids back from CPS,is a great mom but apparently I’m crap. I’m a SAHM, I love my daughter, I work hard to teach her things and to be the best mom I possibly can be. I’m so disappointed that she thinks I’m doing such a bad job. 😔 sorry about the long rant.