Help! Need advice!


Hello! 28, married and going into month two of TTC baby #1.

I’m worried about my cycles...any advice, thoughts or similar experiences would be helpful!!

So since I got AF in 6th grade my cycles have been super regular, apart from a 1-2 month long period when I was on the wrong BC at age 19.

Last December I went off the pill after being on it for about a year, because I felt it was giving my bad acne and weight gain. Plus we knew we wanted to start trying in a year, so wanted to detox my body from added hormones. Since going off the pill last year I still have bad acne and only got my period back starting in August 2017 (some spotting and maybe very light cycles from Dec. 2016 - July 2017, nothing regular). I went to the doctor had my hormones checked, all looked good.

Now after have 3 normal cycles, TTC in December, here I am with no period and no positive pregnancy tests. Was due for AF on 12/23, so 3 days late.

I’m so worried I’m not ovulating and don’t want to go to the doctor yet because we’re still so new at this, I know you should wait 6 month before seeing a specialist.

Sorry for the long post!! Thank you to all that comment!!