scared to be a single mom of 3 at 23

Thinking of leaving my so. we have been together 2 years we have a almost 1 year old son together & I am currently 24w pregnant, I also have an almost 4 year old dd from prev. relationship.

i am 23 in february and he is 29.

our relationship has been rocky since the beginning. and he is very immatute for his age. i am not in love with him & at this point am just staying for the kids and also because i am scared to do it on my own with 3 kids.

i need some encouragement from any ladies that were once a young single mom with multiple children. is it really that hard ??

i do pretty much everything on my own already. , i do work & pay half bills

i have no confidence that i can really be a single mom of 3 kids... i dont have much support from my family either .