We never do anything I want to do unless I bitch.

We have been seeing each other for over a year and have been together officially for almost 11 months.

We’ve had other major issues but this is one that is always recurring.

We never do anything I want to do. I’ll throw out suggestions and he’ll be like “yeah! Let’s do it” but when the time comes, nada. Nothing. We even made a bucket list in the beginning of the year and we’ve crossed out one thing out of like 50. Yet we’re always doing shit he wants to do...he said we’d go to zoo lights this year and every time I ask him, he said “yeah let’s go whenever” which is his typical response for something he doesn’t want to do. He even bailed on me last year after telling me he’d come with my siblings and I for a triple date.


Y’all he asked for a bj and I gave one to him. I even let him face fuck me. He ate me out afterwards with a dildo we bought and I couldn’t finish after 30min and he GOT MAD AT ME BECAUSE HE WAS SO FRUSTRATED. He didn’t even finish me. Like??? Sorry??? I don’t have control over when I can finish?????? Jeez!