TTC after miscarriage


Hello everyone, I am new but just need to vent out a little.

I just finished my second cycle after MMC. Found out at 8 weeks I had a blighted ovum. What makes it worse is every week we were scanned as heavy bleeding was involved. Each scan the sonographer had something to say. Nothing to see because it’s too early, then two sacs implying twins, to one sac, to a blighted ovum.

I know it’s only been two months since the MMC but its so disheartening everytime to find you’re still not pregnant.

I was just wondering how long it has taken others to conceive after a miscarriage.

Let me introduce myself aswell. I’m 28 years old and my partner is 27. I have 2 boys (8&6) from a previous partner. We can’t wait for an addition to our family.

Any good news?