Heat burn. Help !!


Hello mummies,

I am pregnant with 13 weeks and 6 days. Today I burnt myself while cooking with the pot. I simply removed the cover and the heat just came through and cover my thumbs and part of my fingers. I have put some salt and oil then remove it and decided to put my hand in cold water for 1 hour then another 30 mins. I then put some Vaseline and since then the pain is heat. The worst thing is that every time I am in a hot room temperature I can feel some heat underneath my skin. It’s very painful. I can stay in a room close with the heater on or windows close. I need some fresh air otherwise I will be in very good pain. I’m scared that I won’t be able to sleep properly :/.

I’ve burn myself before but I don’t know if it’s because I’m pregnant but this is just so painful and insupportable. Has anyone got any advice on what to do please ??