Non stop peeing


Okay so this is my third Baby so I definitely know how this whole peeing all the time thing goes. And I have had a lot of UTIs in my life (unfortunately) so I know what those feel like. But I’m 90% sure baby dropped some today. Anyways I feel like I’m CONSTANTLY peeing today. I pee and a decent amount comes out, no pain, and it’s a super light yellow so no problems there. But I get up, go sit down or walk for less than 3 min and the baby’s head moves and it’s like I’m going to pee my pants. Like that feeling when you first start peeing. From what I heard/read in subsequent pregnancies the baby doesn’t drop until super close to delivery (I’m only 35 weeks) so slightly worried. Anyone have experience with this and when did you go into labor? Were you just dilating more? I should mention that I have contractions ALL the time ALL day long. It’s fun 😑. I’m also worried that I’m going to pee myself like for real haha. Anytime she moves I’m scared I’m going to pee!