17 & pregnant, not allowed to live/sleep over with boyfriend

i totally understand that this sounds a bit crazy and i totally understand that a lot of parents would never let their daughter live or sleep over with their boyfriend, however i am 35 weeks pregnant and have now considered high risk as i have very mild preeclampsia. my parents get along with my boyfriend very well but since i am still in school i see him TWICE a week. TWICE for a couple hours, he has to leave by 8 on weekdays, he can stay till 10/11 weekends. he works a part time job (the only job he could get as quickly as possible to get some type of money) anyways, on christmas <a href="https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.glow.android.eve">eve</a> he was over and my blood pressure raised and things weren’t right (i called the hospital and was just told to relax and if anything got worse or didn’t go away i could go get checked out) my parents allowed us to be in my room as long as he sat in a chair NEXT to my bed..however that wasn’t gonna work i made him sit in my bed while he rubbed my head so i could fall asleep, because of this i got a good full 4 hours of sleep i usually wake up every 2 hours. although my boyfriend and i were sexually active (obviously how i ended up pregnant) we have probably had sex twice in the past 7 months since we aren’t allowed to be alone or anything. my boyfriend and i respect my parents and understand that they don’t want us living together but before any of us know it the baby will be here and if he isn’t here, i’m going to have to be the one waking up all through the night and dealing with this on my own. my parents say they are going to help which yes i am beyond grateful for, they have helped us with lots of things (letting me and the baby stay here, providing me with food, buying little things the baby needs) my boyfriend bought the crib and stroller car seat and anything else we have we got in the baby shower, his parents bought the baby’s mattress and covers. once the baby is born i have to go back to school and i find it really unfair if i have to be the only one being a parent, i don’t want my parents doing the work because my boyfriend and i decided to have unprotected sex and got pregnant so we should be taking responsibility, not mommy and daddy. i have tried to talk to my mom but she just says i’m crazy so i was wondering am i crazy for wanting to live with my baby’s father? am i crazy for wanting my boyfriend and i to take responsibility for our actions?

(i turn 18 in february and graduate in june the baby is due in january also my boyfriend just turned 18 this past september he’s only 5 months molder than me but he graduated already)

also my parents have told me many many many times i’m not allowed to move out (if i did i would have to move into my boyfriend’s house and there’s really no space for me and the baby to live there at my house there is plenty of space)