I decided to say yes ! πŸ˜„

Tia β€’ 20 years | Beautiful daughter | born 1.12.18

Wasn't sure if I wanted to post because I'm so self conscious about my body BUT you know , I'm creating a little human. It takes a total of 9-10 months to create something so beautiful. Your body changes, your boobs sag, your butt gets big then you lose all of it, your stomach stretches, I have stretch marks all over my belly, my back all the way down my legs. I lose so much sleep, I wake up every hour or so to go pee or just because I'm very uncomfortable. I have to take breaks from walking in a store just cause I'm so out of breath. My body aches every single day. There isn't much I can do to help with it. I sometimes get bad heart burn, MY OWN FRICKIN clothes don't fit me right, my belly hangs out of it but you know what??? It's all worth it because in 20 days I get to meet my beautiful daughter. ❀️ pregnancy is a beautiful thing but also one of the hardest things a women can go through.

And yes I bought this lingerie for my man for Oregon this week 😁❀️