I can't be alone

So my SO daughter has been with us since Christmas. In the past she has been very manipulative, but hasnt been recently until today/tonight. So I got off work and my boyfriend left to go to work, shortly after he left she said she wanted fish, ok no problem. I cook the fish and she doesnt eat it, says shes not hungry, ok fine. Tonight I cooked chicken tenders, she was sleep while i was cooking so i woke her up and asked if she was hungry, she said no, ok cool. She woke up around 10 or 11 and said she was hungry so i cooked some more chicken strips, I give it to her but shes not eating, I ask why and she says its to hot, ok. So I wait come back 20-30min later and she still hasnt touched the food, saying its still too hot 😒. She finally picks up a chicken tender bc I didnt leave the room and is picking at it. I ask if she's hungry, she says no, so i put her food in the fridge. My SO comes home for a little bit for his lunch break. As hes leaving she tells him she wants candy 😒😒😒😒😒😒 (now im irritated). He leaves and i ask her why did u ask for candy when u didnt even want your dinner, no response. So I tell her don't ask for nothing else, go to bed. So now shes laying down watching tv at 12:30 and ik shes trying to stay up so she can get candy which shes not getting.

Why Im Irritated:

1) i cooked 2 different meals, one she asked me to cook, that she didnt eat

2) she asked for candy not even 30min after I gave her the plate that she said she wanted but didnt touch

3) she is still up, wide awake waiting for her daddy to give her candy

Am I overreacting or is she trying to manipulate the situation??