My unborn baby is mean lol


He won’t move for anybody and i mean anybody except me lol. He moves like crazy when it’s just him and I. When his daddy is around or anybody for that matter, he automatically stops moving. He won’t even move for them when i ask lol. My SO keeps his hand on my stomach all night and he will not move for him but the moment he moves his hand he kicks and moves like crazy. My SO and family tell me he is going to be a complete mamas boys. My SO gets in his feelings because he wants him to move from his touch and voice and i try to tell him it’s normal and I’m only 24 weeks so give it time. He says okay but it’s such a sad “okay”. I’m hoping he starts to move for his Daddy because i see it’s effecting him. I understand his feelings and i try really hard not to giggle or play with him in front of him when he is moving for me but it’s soooo hard.