What to doooo...?


So. I am a college freshman and I go to school 2.5 hours away from where my parents live. I live on campus in the dorms and we are currently on winter break. The dorms are closed until Sunday. The guy I’ve been fucking with rents a house not far from my dorm and he’s excited for me to come back on Sunday. I hadn’t talked to him in like a month before New Years. He said when we first started talking that he “wanted to fuck the shit out of me” but then I would go over there, and I would suck him off and then he’d eat me out for a little while and then I would leave. I got bored. He says he’s actually trynna fuck now though. I kind of really like him and I like hanging out with him. But my problem is that I’m a white girl and my parents have ALWAYS told me I wasn’t allowed to date a black guy and he’s black... honestly I find black guys soooooo attractive, like damn. But I’m conflicted because I’m pretty sure my parents would disown me. I’m also kind of a little. And he will always tell me I’m a “good girl” or a “good little slut” and I love it. He’ll text me and say “come swallow daddy’s cum” and it makes me meltttt. Yesterday when we were sexting and he said he was finally trynna fuck he said “come ride daddy’s cock” ugh I love it 😍 I just hate how racist my parents are. Like if they found out I would never be allowed in my house again