Am I just overthinking

Ok so I’ve known this guy for the longest time yk and we dated a while ago for 8months and we broke up bcuz he had to move so we ended it and he came back 5 months later it was unexpected he was suppose to stay there for 3 years but either way I was happy like rlly happy and we started dating for a year but it was always on and off like it was bad we had problems but i mean i was 14 I was young and stupid obvi there would be problems but either way I still loved him but anyways last year was my freshman year and we gaved it ago again and it lasted a 4 months before he had to move again and it was a pain but he had to leave and he returned again in the summer but he didnt let me know which was confusing and I found out he moved one and it hurtted a lot and what hurtted more was that it was one of my bestfriends but I couldn’t let that get the best of my anger and do something so I cut my bestfriends completely off we havent talked since and I want to know did I do the right thing but also I’m in 10th grade now and i have a more mature mind and good mental health but when ever we’re not dating we’re always talking/flirting like I’ve never lost feeling and ik he hasent and he’s single now and I never really wanted to date anyone after him but I did and it was only 3 guys but we have been talking since november and ik he’s changed he’s so sweat and cute and idk every time I even think of him or see him I just feel like something warm in my heart like i rlly live home but recently I was crying in class bcuz I saw he hanged out w his ex and ik he DOSENT see hi ex as he did before but it got to me yk bcuz ik he’s a guy and giys always have needs(sex) and I never gaved him that bc z I’m not ready and want to be w the right guy when I have sex but his ex and them have done it and scares me bcuz I’m afraid but I’ll how to talk to him about this stuff with out letting him think I don’t trust him or am I over thinking everything plz help me