Cashier Cutie Storytime!!


Okay, get ready.

I went into a store, and my mom was acting...odd so I’m like

She doesn’t say anything at the time, and I go about my shopping.

I’m getting into it blowing the money I ain’t got

And we buy our items, and leave, when I get in the car I’m finally like momma, tf is your deal?

She decided to tell me AFTER WE LEFT

The guy at the cash register was apparently cute af!

I never even thought to look at the guy, so I’m questioning her what he looks like, and then out of no where my dad is like “I forgot something we gotta go back.” So I’m getting squirmy Trynna decide if I wanna go in and check this boy out for myself

But we get there and my homeschooled ass chickens out but apparently my dad saw how badly I wanted to go in there and talk to him, SO WHILE MY DAD IS CHECKING OUT HE ASKS THE GUY, “You remember my daughter that was in here earlier?”

The guy says “yes sir.”

And my dad says “she wants your number.”

THE GUY TELLS MY DAD “tell her if she wants my number come and get it.”

I haven’t gone back in the store yet, idk what to expect. WTF DO I DO???