Scared but trying to be happy

Amanda • Mom to an angel and a rainbow baby.

I had PPROm at 25 weeks, had my baby girl and was able to have an amazing 53 days with her in the NiCU till we lost her to NEC on December 26, 2016. My heart was broken and it took us a while to build ourselves back up, I went back to school and graduated with my BSN, RN on December 2017, and found out January 8,2018 that I am pregnant with my rainbow baby, I am soo happy But sooo scared, this time I’m scared of everything, miscarriage and how to survive a pregnancy after preterm labor and infant loss. Here is a picture of my beautiful angel that I know is by her mommies side. Please any other moms out there can you give me advice how to carry a healthy baby and enjoy my pregnancy after loss.