Clingy boyfriend 😫😫


So I’ve been with this guy for like 3 months I wanna say. He’s never really asked me out but he calls me his girlfriend and I call him my boyfriend so we are basically dating . Now here’s the problem . He’s so clingy !!! We text all day everyday . From the time I wake up until I go to sleep we are none stop texting . I used to see him almost like 3-4 times a week but now with school and family and working on myself I haven’t been able to see him lately but I’m okay with that . I’ve been in the gym a lot and been focusing on reading and just doing things that I enjoy because I’ve gotten out of all the stuff recently . We started arguing last night about how he’s so clingy and always needs to know what I’m doing and where I am . I’m the type of person that likes their own space and privacy and having him always needing to know everything is annoying . I’ll attach the messages from last night and please just let me know if you think I was over reacting. I don’t feel like I was. I feel like I was just being honestly and letting him know what I need . He’s very emotional and expresses his emotions a lot and I’m the complete opposite . I’m literally a brick wall with no sign of human emotion 😂 so that’s also a problem we have. He always gets mad that I don’t express my feelings like he does and this in turn makes him feel like I don’t care but I actually do . I’m not sure where we stand right now because after the argument I just stopped responding and went to sleep . I’m unsure if I should text him now or what . Please let me know what you think about everything and sorry this was so Long


So after talking about it a little more we came to the compromise of seeing each other once a week . I completely understand where everyone is coming from and appreciate the feedback . Thank you 😀😀