Mil not thinking, or it's just me?


So my mil asked my husband if we would want to go on a family vacation in October (I'm due 8/8) to an amusement park. She offered to take our baby and my niece (18 months) with her and fil walking around so husbands siblings, husband, and I could ride the roller coasters, walk around, and have fun,without the kids. It's not so much mil having the baby although I think the two of them will be a bit much, but I think I'll be miserable. I don't think I'll be recovered enough to walk around all day, let alone ride roller coasters. Even if everything went perfect, no tearing, natural birth, no back/neck pain, no fibro flaire, baby is sleeping through the night, etc. I would still have sore leaky boobs. Plus roller coaster restraints go between your legs, across your abdomen, and over your shoulders/chest and that seems terrible. I told him we should suggest renting a house on a beach instead so I can relax in a nice house while everyone does stuff all day long with their not recovering bodies and infant. He thinks I just don't want to leave our kid with mil. Does it seem like I'm overreacting Do you think I'll be healed enough to go on roller coasters all day?