Miscarriage dream after actual miscarriage

Caitlyn • Rainbow baby boy born 8-7-20

I had an early miscarriage at about 5weeks. It happened at the very ending of Nov/beginning of Dec. I’m still struggling with grieving and moving on. In truth, it took me several weeks to start grieving. So now I’m actually in grieving mode and I had an awful dream last night.

I had a dream that I was very pregnant (7ish months).

In that dream, I walked into a hospital because I was having pains and the receptionist lady refused to see me. I begged her to let me be seen because something was wrong. I knew I wasn’t in labor so I needed help. She refused. Then, while I was standing in front of the desk, I felt something fall out. I looked down and I was bleeding like a waterfall. This thing that looked like a brain fell out. It was just a mass of blood, tissues, and veins. It looked nothing like an actual baby. Just a glob of bloody mess. It was about the size a football. So, when I looked down and saw this, I immediately knew it was my placenta and knew that I needed to get help. When I looked back up at the front desk, the receptionist had disappeared. All the nurses and doctors were walking around me like I wasn’t there while I was screaming for help. Nobody helped me.

It was an awful dream. Did I dream it because I’m still grieving and sorting out emotions? Or do you believe that it’s symbolic and means something? Has anybody else had a dream like this after losing a pregnancy or having a still born?