Ttc baby #2


So I’m going crazy over here, I’m doing my TWW and during the past few days then I’ve had headaches everyday, a sharp pain on my right side, tired like no other, and feeling nauseous around some foods, then yesterday took a HPT and it was a BFN and then today felt completely normal then out of the blue I get this side clenching pain around my ovaries and it feels like I’ve been stabbed and someone is twisting the knife but it only lasted for 5 minutes and I could swear that means AF is coming four days early maybe, maybe not ( with baby #1 the only symptom I had was bloating )

****** update *******

So today I’m 11 dpo lower back pain is still persistent, I’ve started to drool again ( this only happened when I was pregnant with my first ) so took a test this morning with a dollar store cheapy and got another bfn, so I have decided that I’m officially crazy


So later on 11 dpo I broke down out of the blue, chalked it up as me missing my hubby who is 4 states away doing a long haul drive and decided to take another test cuz everyone’s been asking when I’m gonna get pregnant again and once again got another bfn

Goodnight to all and baby dust to all you beautiful ladies ttc.

***final update***

I would have updated everyday, but got the feeling that it wasn’t happening this month and I was right my period came tonight