Update.. now 3 days late.. Help



Here is my FMP, what do you guys think?!

I mean I think I see it! But I’m also in shock at little!!! Anyone? Trying not to do my happy dance to early! Also woke up with the worst headache. No AF symptoms still. Boobs are always sore... seriously.

Here’s the test 5 mins later...


My normal cycle is 26/27 days. I should have gotten AF on Thursday. Nothing. Today. Nothing...?!

Took this test 3mins ago...

Is that a faint line? I don’t know if my eyes are playing tricks on me?

Here is 5mins after testing...

Anyone else see that?

If AF doesn’t show tonight, I’ll test first pee in the morning....

We’ve been TTC for 6months now.


Might I add that my period last month was the worst I’d ever had/seen. A couple of friends had the same experience and it turned out it was implantation bleeding for them... i also have no AF/PMS symptoms really. My boobs almost always are sore except for like a week out of the month... 🤷🏼‍♀️