relationship advice

ladies I need some serious, down to earth advice and I really need someone to push me on this one.

I’ve been with this guy for almost a year now but our relationship isn’t very ‘official’.

we will go out and we will do things occasionally but we’ve never really done anything special (it feels like he just doesn’t have enough ‘time’ for me because he’s always working or playing video games or being out with his friends).

at the beginning of our relationship everything was going well and I was over the moon happy but, eventually i’d found out he had slept with one of his ex girlfriends during our ‘break’ and she had contacted me as soon as she found out I was in the picture and she told me all of the details. to him, we were just friends and I never existed.

then, it all came through, rapidly. suddenly i’d find all sort of things through his phone. dating websites, pornography, text messages and emails.. the list went on. and it made me just feel so worthless and not good enough.

we had eventually split up after i’d found what had happened. it took me a lot of guts to confront him about his behaviours but, I finally did and I was doing okay.

I’ve always been the one to do everything for everything in this relationship. I’m always cooking, cleaning, driving, washing, visiting him, starting the first phone calls, texting and the list goes on. its becoming exhausting!

his charming ways eventually reeled me back in and things were slowly back on track. everything was going great, he was really improving and things were getting so mich better!

now its back to square one, the dating sites have slowly made their way into the picture, again.

can somebody please, just help me and tell me what to do? I know what the best option to do is but, why the heck s it so hard???