Baby Monitor Moving On It’s Own?


Whenever I turn my monitor off (hand held part) but leave my camera on (camera at the crib) when I turn my monitor back on later in the day it’s always facing my doorway... so last night I didn’t move the camera with the remote controls instead I physically went and turned the camera, thinking ok maybe by default it resets to a position.... nope I did it again today and boom it was back looking at the doorway.... so tonight I positioned it back on my baby and turned it off and watched to see if it would reposition on its own (like if it has a default position) and it didn’t 😳🤔

I have a Vtech

EDIT: It isn’t a wifi one and after doing research these are way too hard to hack. Also I managed to fine one review that said it happens with the vtech randomly I guess🤷🏼‍♀️... my question is is why does it always face my door no matter how I position the camera 🤔