Should I be worried?

My husband and I have been fighting due to the fact that he has not always been honest to me. While we in bed one day I was on my phone as well and glanced over and saw him looking at a half naked girls pics and liking them on facebook as well as joining these groups on facebook called beautiful girls and girls half naked which upset me and we argued and he stopped. then oneday im looking for his second phone that doesn't work besides maybe if u use apps with wifi we usually just use for the memory card to Bluetooth music to our speaker and he gives it too his best friend who uses it to cheat on his wife and speak to other women on the side which my husband admits to me his friend does due to the fact when he got it back from him i saw lots of messages to other women and confronted him about he then told me that it was his friend and not him and then he tells me his coworker at work at work showed him.a naked pic of my friend and how hes sleeping with her yet hes married with 2 kids and she has a boy friend all of his friends cheat and hes close to them idk what to do because he doesnt want to stop being friends with guys like that