Searching through personal ads when in a committed relationship??

Been together just over a year with my boyfriend and hes great and all but we've had more downs than ups lately, but my birthday is our one year which was just this Monday that passed so since its also my birthday my friend took me out for a drink and some pool but I wasnt out all night, I got home at 1145.. so anyways few days go by and Im laying in bed playing on my boyfriends phone while hes falling asleep (he knew I was on it, we watch videos together all the time & doesnt care if Im on it) but I go into his Chrome & go to check our local news website when I see he was on it the night I was gone out, searching "oral" in the personal ads and the "women seeking men" was opened.. like do I call him out on it?? Do I get over it or like what?? Hed snap if he found me doing that..