To Everyone Who Can’t Get Pregnant


I’m 20 years old, I am with my high school sweetheart. We have a home, I’m a stay at home wife. Everything was perfectly in order to start a family. I had the time, we had the money, and we were ready. At my age I did not ever expect to have fertility problems. I thought getting pregnant would be a breeze, as a lot of my friends got pregnant on accident. As the months started to drag on, without any luck my heart was broken. Completely broken, to where I didn’t even know if I wanted to live a life where I couldn’t have a baby. I started have nightmares, I couldn’t sleep, anytime I would go on Facebook I would see another baby post and lose it. My partner always had to comfort me, and tell me “it’ll happen” even though I didn’t believe him. I have given up. I’m becoming one step closer to accepting that I cannot have kids. Having fertility problems is hard, it needs more recognition, and if you are going through something similar, It will be okay. Be thankful that you have someone, and people who love you. Although this has been hard on my relationship, it makes us stronger in a way. I’ve decided I’m going to adopt in a few years, and provide a family to a child who needs it. Just because I can’t get pregnant, doesn’t mean I can’t be a mom.