(TMI) OMG what is this??? 8-9 dpo

Backstory, so I’m about 8-9 dpo and don’t really have any symptoms besides mild cramping for a couple of days and last night I woke up at 3:20 am staaaarving and decided to eat turkey and hummus???

Then this afternoon I started feeling some lower back pain/discomfort, which I’ve never had with my period before, but I figured my period was definitely about to start because of this...

Then I went to the bathroom and saw this when I wiped (really sorry for these pics but what the heck is this?) When my period is about to start it’s usually dark blood and no CM along with it.

First wipe:

Then this:

Never seen this type of CM before!!

Does anyone know what this could possibly mean? And has anyone experienced lower back pain and period cramps and then gotten a bfp? My period is not due for another week! Really appreciate any advice!💖💖💖